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Re: About to buy a Pen-F

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post

1) Set shutter to "0s anti-shock" (diamond symbol) and enable release-time lag = short (bottom of cogs menu C I think). This will 100% guarantee no potential for shutter shock.

I've done this on my E-M1 on advice from various sources, but have no real idea why, as I don't really understand what's going on, and don't really know what shutter shock is, and under what circumstances it occurs, and what effect it has. (In particular I have picked up the impression that these menu settings are important and effective even if you're using the "single" rather than "anti-shock" shutter mode - but I might be wrong).

In fact I'm very hazy in my mind about various aspects of detail about how the shutter works, and the difference between electronic and mechanical (and a semi-electronic version for fast shutter speeds that I read of somewhere). For instance I was completely surprised and confused that changing shutter mode to silent (the heart symbol) affected not only the noisiness of shooting but also a host of other parameters, and for some reason prohibits the use of flash! I think the diamond (anti-shock) symbol has similarly drastic side effects.

Is there somewhere (online perhaps) a detailed explanation of the timing and mechanics of what's going on? I think an accurate mental model of the internal workings would help my understanding of what impact the controls have on the image. It's a shame I haven't found a detailed timeline of the shooting process after having read the Oly manual and also handbooks by Busch and Young.
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