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Re: About to buy a Pen-F

Originally Posted by Snookerman View Post
I noticed that there are quite a few Pen F bodies for sale from japan on Ebay at ridiculously low prices...60 or there about.
I have bought old lenses from there in the past, and paid import duties on them - though not ridiculously high and the lenses did take maybe 3 or 4 weeks to arrive.
Anyone bought one of these or have a view on it?
Surely the pen F is not that much cheaper in Japan...or is it?
I suspect you're looking at the Pen F or Pen FT half frame, but 60 is likely to buy a heap of junk.
Here's my Pen FT complete with 40mm f/1.4. Add another naught and you're getting closer to the price. (I didn't pay quite as much but in the same ball park.)
Pen F-2 by -Steve Ricoh-

on flickr
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