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Re: EM1 WiFi Controller App

Maybe a picture will help. Your home network looks something like this (from

Devices on your home network connect to your wireless router via an Ethernet cable or WiFi. The router passes requests for web pages, email etc. via the broadband modem (ADSL or cable). The router remembers the requests made by each device and routes the various responses back to the requesting device. That's how you can have different computers in your house looking at different websites. If you don't have a WiFi or Ethernet connection, you're using you mobile provider's data network to access the internet (and using your data allowance).

When you connect to your camera, it takes the role of the wireless router but only two devices are allowed to connect. The camera and your smart phone. There is no broadband modem connected to the router, so no internet access. The phones I've used assume a WiFi connection means internet access so they make no effort to use the mobile data network so you cannot access the web, email etc. while connected to your camera.
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