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Re: EM1 WiFi Controller App

Originally Posted by sapper View Post
Pardon my ignorance, but I thought Wifi used the internet. When I go for my big Mac, i get free wifi from McDonalds, and have internet access.
All very confusing to this bear.
If your phone is connected to a wireless access point or router that provides internet access then your phone can access the internet. However, all the wifi connection is doing is connecting you to the local network that the WAP/router is sat on - it simply removes the need to connect to the network with an Ethernet cable. The internet access is a consequence of being connected to a network that has internet access - nothing to do with the wifi connection itself.

When your phone connects to your camera, the camera is acting as a WAP but to a network contained completely within the camera - there is no internet access even though there is a wifi connection.
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