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Re: The Peugeot Diesel Pollutant Saga

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post
The additive is not Adblu, but something called Eolys. Adblu is basically Urea solution and is used as part of a selective reduction catalytic converter process - which is designed to reduce NOx levels by turning them back to N2. Adblu is injected into the cat, not the engine. Eolys OTOH is designed to reduced particulates by improving combustion in the cylinder so it's added to the fuel each time you fill up.

If the Eolys is depleted, then you'll clog up your DPF which will need long runs to clear it and in the longer term probably force an early replacement. None of this should cause fuel to get into the engine oil - that's a much more serious issue.
The service department man I spoke to seemed to think that which additive it was for that model was far from obvious but that may have been misleading.

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