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Re: My "road map" for new lenses

Originally Posted by petrovich View Post
Sorry to carry this on but if you have a 35mm Macro plus 25mm ext does this give you a bigger distance between you and bug/flower and possible reduces f number etc....
Any ideas on distance increase...


If you add the EX-25 to the 35mm macro I believe you will end up with a very short working distance, I believe I have heard mentioned that it can be differcult to utilize the max magnification it offers.
The use of the extension tube does not affect the f number.

I you used one of the tele convertors they can work as a resonable close-up tool as they retain the min focus distance but of course magnify the image, down side is a/ expensive & b/ you lose 1 to 2 stop depending on which is being used.

Another thing that is worth remembering is that the min focus distance given is from the film/sensor plane so adding a ex-tube or convertor eats into that space.

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