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Re: My "road map" for new lenses

Both the 35 and 50 suffer from very close working distances for macro. In both cases, an inch or two at the closest focus point (and this is 1:1 for the 35mm but only 1:2 for the 50mm without extension tube). However, it's still possible to get excellent shots of bugs with a little patience and experimentation with off-camera flash.

The short working distance is one of the reasons the 100mm macro on Olympus's lens "road map" is so eagerly awaited (and why the Sigma 105mm, Sigma 150mm and Olympus OM 90mm macro lenses are so popular).

The 50mm is generally felt to be one of the sharpest ZD lenses made, and doubles as an excellent, reasonably fast, portrait lens (100mm @ 35mm equivalent). The only problem is that autofocus hunts around with less than excellent contrast/ light. The 35mm is tiny, weighs next to nothing, and is astonishing value for money. If you buy one and trade up in due course, you should be able to sell for very little less than you paid for it.
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