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Re: Adobe CC updates

Originally Posted by Bikie John View Post
For this of us on the Adobe CC bandwagon there is a new set of updates. I haven't tried anything out yet but from a quick look at the descriptions there are some small goodies in Lightroom, more substantial goodies in Photoshop and a redesigned interface in Bridge.

Some of the new goodies are related to our other threads about AI creeping into photography. Lightroom now allows "Depth range masking", and Photoshop has new new content-aware features. There is a new process version for raw files (version 5) which apparently improves things at high ISO, particularly with magenta casts which is a problem I have often had.

The new stuff looks nice, but my main hope is that they have mended the almighty screw-up that they made with Photoshop printing earlier this year. I am not optimistic but prepared to be surprised.

Hi John,

I am interested to know about the "Photoshop printing screw up" you mention. I moved up to LR and PS 2019, a while ago and both worked without problems. Last week I decided my old Acer 5750 laptop needed to be retired, and bought a DELL Inspiron 5000 instead.

On the DELL, when I try to print from PS 2019, after clicking "Print" there is a long pause and then the PS shuts down. All other programs print properly, so my download of the printer driver seems OK.

There is no way I can find any useful "Help" function from Adobe, so any help here would be appreciated.
Peter J

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