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Re: Adobe CC updates

It's the print dialogue, Hec. The previews are (often) not sowing properly - very pixellated, sometimes incomplete. Printer settings (e.g. portrait/landscape) are (often) not showing in the preview. Other options (profile etc.) are (often) not remembered. Extras such as printing a border (always) don't work.

It's difficult to be specific. The print dialogue, together with setting in the print driver, cover such a huge number of options that it is quite hard to be certain about what's going wrong. At the moment I check every time that everything is OK, and explicitly add a border if I want it. It is all more work - not much on a single case but a pain if you are doing several prints, and with plenty of scope to forget something.

Adobe have accepted it as a problem, and any time an update is due they say it is going to be fixed. And then don't fix it.

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