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Re: Police stop & ID in U.K. shopping centres?

Originally Posted by Gate Keeper View Post
In Kenya, it is a legal requirement to carry an ID Card at all times, its called a Foreigners Certificate and it looks like a plastic UK driving licence. What I do not like about being stopped by the police is how it quickly degenerates into "have you a little something for me, have you any alcohol or cigarettes?" I wonder if I look the type, who is constantly buzzed up on booze and fags.

I don't drink and I do not smoke. From those who are meant to protect and to serve, the police is disappointing and how that sort of thing gets up my nose. Corruption, through the abuse of stop and check - its not that anything like that would ever happen in the UK.
A few years ago my partner had a Kenyan student as a lodger. She was reliant on financial support from the Kenyan government. The U.K. Kenyan Embassy was supposed to regularly send her a cheque, but it was often delayed for several months. When I phoned the embassy I was told that "The cheque's on my desk and I'm signing it now" and "We're men of the World."! The official was obviously paying the money into his account to earn interest, and paying out at the last minute. The student said that corruption was rife in Kenya and that it was "Boy's Town"!

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