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Re: Milky Way

Star alignment stacking is not done in camera. I have tried Registax without success and my preferred stacking software is Deep Sky Stacker. But there is a problem if your frames include landscape and I am guessing that as you are going to Mt Bromo you will want some of the mountains in your frame.

Live Comp or Live time no good as your stars will trail just use the shutter speed at 25 secs nearest to 28 sec in manual take RAW and adjust ISO to your light conditions.

Your first task is to capture good frames with no star trailing and 25 sec exposures should do that at 7mm on a tripod. If you have Photoshop CC there are many helpful online tutorials to do the processing (including star alignment) of your images, but try not to worry about that while you are out there, you should be able to get stunning single frames and processed in Lightroom, you can do the stacking when you come back if you think it is required. I do not have Photoshop CC but have Adobe Elements and that does not seem to be able to do anything like I have seen with CC.

If you have a Mac Starry Landscape Stacker will do the stacking of stars and freeze landscape if you have a pc Sequator (free) should do a similar job.

Good luck and clear skies looking forward to seeing your images.

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