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Re: Hello - and a wee bit of advise, please!

Hi, and welcome to the forum.

I am relatively new here and new to photography and this is a great forum for all things Olympus.

I can't comment on the Pancake lens as I know nothing about it but what I can safely say is that the Olympus kit lenses are better than any other kit lenses provided by other manufacturers.

I bought an E510 with twin kit lenses 14-42 and 40-150. My previous bridge camera covered up to 420mm equiv compared to 300mm that I have at full telephoto from the 40-150 yet I don't really miss not having the extra bit of zoom.

I think if you were interested in wildlife photography then you would might want to look at one of the bigger lenses but as you are new to DSLR and only looking to take 'normal' photos, kids, holidays etc then you wouldn't go far wrong with the twin lens kit as I have got.

They are both small lenses and are capable of some very good shots.

Whatever you decide im sure you will be very happy with your purchase and be sure to post some shots taken with your new camera on here. The forum is a friendly place and your pictures will be appreciated by other members and im sure you will receive some very constructive comments.

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