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London Skyline

I found a new vantage point for the London skyline that does not have telephone wires going across it. There is more traffic though so you have to time the shot more carefully as a brightly lit upstairs on a bus can completely ruin the shot.

The first issue was the exposure. Although it looked OK on the camera screen it looked overexposed when I got back to the computer by between 0.5 and 1 EV. Without adjustment the sky did not look black enough. Easily adjusted at exposure time by setting exposure compensation or using the exposure guide in manual mode but how do you tell in the field that you need this. I was using centre weighted metering, would ESP have been better? Is there a way to "clip" the blacks to get a black sky or I should I just mask it off?

The next issue was the anount of red which I had to reduce with the curves control. I'm guessing that most of this was from light pollution although some could have come from the over exposure.

Next was camera shake. The camera was on a sturdy tripod with little or no wind (although some passing cars). I was using a 2 second timer which I thought would be enough. With 12 seconds I could not judge gaps in the traffic. Image stabilisation was on. I've never had any trouble with IS and tripods before but I don't normally shoot at 1/2 second shutter speeds. Should I also go to an anti shock setting (the "diamond")? The image is definitely showing some shake along the 45 degrees angle.

There are also some red streaks in the picture at slightly different angles but all downwards from some red lights. Is this flare or they reflecting off buildings?

The shot above was 1/3rd second, F4, at ISO 1600 which seemed a good all round set of values without any being too extreme. Should I try at F5.6 to try and get a sharper picture? Oh, the 40-150 F/2.8 with 1.4x TC at full stretch.

I tried processing the picture in OV3 and got something acceptable but had better results from Photoshop Elements (PSE 12) using the Adobe Camera RAW that came with it and a curves plugin that I used to adjust the red curve to reduce the amount of red that was showing. PSE 12 image shown above.
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