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Re: New to bird photography...

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Thanks Peter. I have a tripod and asked the wife for a Monopod for Christmas - which I received (ta Jen )

I quite like the Monopod - and used it today on an outing to Slimbridge WWT with Heather and Jen, finding it very easy to position, comfortable to use, and a lot more versatile for this type of photography than my use of a tripod.

Appreciate that for the 'birds at home on feeder' shots I will continue to use the tripod - but may try the monopod (without cable release of course) hehehehe...

I must say that the 70-300 seems to be a very decent lens for the price.
Glad you got the monopod. Could you give a report on it when you have had time to use it in anger. I like the idea of the convenience of a single telescopic leg but wonder about the stability side to side and front to back.

I do agree with you that the 70-300mm lens is superb. Purchased mine just before Xmas and have been really pleased with its performance. I have some Sonia magnifying lenses and a Sonia Macro lens purchased for use on the 40-150mm kit lens. The diameter of the 70-300 is the same so I shall see how these perform in Macro shots.

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