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Custom Modes - Programming a button to change?

I've spent the afternoon adjusting the settings on my E-M1 II to match those I use on my E-M1 as closely as possible.

I note that we no longer have Mysets available in the format they are in on the E-M1 and now consist of 3 Custom settings on the Mark 2.

These custom settings can be set by using the mode dial and setting to C1, C2 or C3 alternatively, they can be set by accessing the menu and setting them in a similar way to that of the E-M1.

On my E-M1 I have programmed one of the front buttons to switch Mysets as programmed within each Myset, for example, this enables me to quickly change from a single focus point to a nine box focus point and from SAF to CAF & Tracking at the touch of a button.

So far, I've been unable to programme a button to change Custom settings in the way I can on my E-M1, has anyone yet identified a way to do this?

I would be surprised if this were not possible as it would seem to be a retrograde step in what appears to be a great piece of kit.

I'm also unsure why Olympus have chosen to reduce Mysets from 4 in the E-M1 to only 3 Custom modes in the Mark 2.

I'm probably missing something, so any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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