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Re: Olympus 35RC

Mercury cells produce 1.35v whereas silver oxide and alkaline cells are usually 1.5v. The main advantage of mercury cells is the voltage is very stable and remains at 1.35v until it drops off a cliff at the end of the cell's life. Silver oxide cells have similar characteristics. I wondered why my OM-1n's meter was about a stop out despite using the correct battery until I discovered that it had already been modified to use a silver oxide cell! In theory I guess one can compensate for the inaccuracy using the ISO setting if you know what the error is.

Cameras like the 35RC only take microamps from the battery because a mechanical system does the work. The meter needle is clamped when the shutter release is pressed, and that acts as a stop controlling the cam that sets the lens aperture. Very cunning!

Which reminds me, I really must finish and develop the film that's been in my 35RC since August and see whether any of the pics I took at the Ironbridge museums are any good. I enjoyed the back-to-basics approach.
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