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Re: Pen film FTAGH

Originally Posted by angelpaaul View Post
So far, on my 'shelf', OM 4ti, OM1, OM2n, Trip 35. Folders - 2x Kodak Vest pocket cameras, Ferannia falco S, Selfix 16-20, Agfa billy, Zeiss ikonta 513/16. Box cameras - Coronet Ambassador, Nustyle. I've a couple of others but I can't remember the names just now. Of course, there are lenses to go with the OM's. All the cameras are usable and are used on a regular basis. And then there's the digital collection...........
I've got some old 1960 ish box cameras somewhere are they of interest? Probably Kodaks. If so I'll go and find them (don't think they've been unpacked since last years move yet!)

If anyone is interested I'm sure we can use the sale to help with the forum donations! (50p will help won't it?)

Some Olympus stuff
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