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Re: SRS wedding workshop march 2017

Originally Posted by Pistnbroke View Post
You don't need fast glass as that means little depth of field ..4 or 5 people standing in a group all need to be in focus the public expects that. You can use a smaller aperture if the camera is more light sensitive. If you look at Jessica's website gallery ( the tutor) you can see she is using primes because the interesting section in the picture she has taken is far to far away some need 100% crop to make the best of the image ( IMHO ).
Look at the one with the kids playing ..great but the couple in the background are having an argument ....crop them out. Either should have zoomed in or had enough MP to crop.
You just make life difficult if you have to use primes because the camera sensitivity is low and you only have 20mp to work with.
Hmm, I've looked at her website and some of the pictures are a compositional mess, whilst others have caught the subjects off-guard with some unflattering expressions and body language. She has also captured some fun moments and natural spontaneity. I guess this is the nature of reportage style wedding shoots and only the happy couple can say if they prefer this to a more traditional posed set of photographs.

You make an interesting point about needing a small aperture to get entire groups in focus and I would guess that f11 would be a safe bet if using a full frame camera. Of course, a Micro Four Thirds camera would give the same DOF at f5.6 and claw back two stops of the bigger camera's high ISO advantage.... Just saying.

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