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Editing Challenge

Here we go with our first "Editing Challenge". The RAW file is located in the DropBox Link provided by timboo.

I'd like to keep this initial thread going for a while to see how popular it is, but once the post rate slows to a point where no entries are being made, I'll give 24hrs notice and we can then decide on a "winning" edit.

I'm still open to suggestions on how we pick the winner, but please keep that discussion to the original "idea" thread.

Originally Posted by timboo View Post
I was going to aim for a pre Christmas theme however didnt have an image I felt was suitable. Therefore I opted for a photo shot in Dorset.

It will make for some interesting edits in terms of crop and the sky colours. I have done my own edit and look forward to seeing a different take.
Anyway here is the first link to the ball rolling.

We often repeat the mistakes we most enjoy...
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