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Re: Should I upgrade to E_M1 Mk II?

Ross when faced with the same dilemma as you I went for it. Overall I don't regret it but I'm still going up the learning curve. As everyone said the af is definitely better and the main reason I upgraded was to get the cross af points those times when my EM1 just wouldn't focus on a horizontal landscape really annoyed me so it's great that's gone. It was an expensive fix though but for overall usability I don't regret it. However, Olympus gave me a bigger issue by removing the wonderful Sunset scene mode (didn't see that coming) I'd say that a pretty good percentage of my Mk1 shots were taken with that scene mode and it always gave a great sunset image very quickly with no hassle at all and with little PPing needed. I've just never taken a sunset I've been happy with on the Mk2 Now this may just be me and maybe they will address the missing scenes with a firmware update (really really big request here Olympus) but until they do I will have to spend time doing comparison shots with the Mk1 to see if I can reproduce the settings. Certainly haven't managed it yet! So do I regret my upgrade on balance no as the af for aircraft was worth it but boy has that missing sunset mode taken the shine off my new purchase.
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