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Re: Should I upgrade to E_M1 Mk II?

A yes from me, for several reasons of varying importance:

1. I do a lot of low-light stuff and, purely subjectively, it seems to behave better at high ISO.

2. I like the flippy screen because I can turn it to face the body and do everything through the viewfinder, which is useful in situations like dark concert halls. I have one very specific gripe with this - the Mk II introduced focus point selection via the touch screen, called AF tracking pad or something. This sounds useful but obviously can't be used with the screen facing the body - but with the screen facing outwards you can't shut the bloody thing up! I have an inconclusive thread about this in the Mk II forum page.

3. Battery life is better and - hurrah, 3 (million) cheers for Olympus - we have a decent charge level indicator.

4. Because of both aspects of 3 I am happy to use it without the grip, so although the body is bigger than the Mk I on its own, it is still smaller than the body-grip combo.

5. I think it probably focusses better than the Mark I in general, although I have found one or two situations that can fool it. It certainly works very well with the big old 4/3 lenses - it really sings with the monster 90-250.

6. There are new things to play with that I haven't really explored yet like the fancy shooting modes. That's something to look forward for the proverbial rainy afternoon when there is nothing else to do.

There is other stuff that I don't really care about - I don't want to shoot 60 frames per second, the increase to 20 megapix is a bit nice to have (and it's nice to see the old 4/3 monsters like the 90-250 can still deliver beautifully at the high res) but I wouldn't rate it as important. Saving the settings is something that I think is long overdue but I haven't actually gained anything from it - maybe because I don't customise as much as some users do. I'm sure the ultra-high resolution mode is jolly good for them as need it but I never have.

For a while I have been running two bodies simultaneously for rugby. When it was an E-M5 and an E-M1 Mk I it was very confusing. I bought a used E-M1 Mk I off the forum some time ago and life became much easier, I traded one of them in when buying the Mk II and so far using the Mk 1 and Mk II together has not tied my brain in too many knots.

Hope this helps ... John
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