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Re: Should I upgrade to E_M1 Mk II?


As you know, I use Capture One Pro (COP) for processing raw files. Remembering back when I bought my E-M1, the profiles for this camera on COP were such, that my photos lacked "punch" and was slightly disappointed. I wondered of the profiles for the E-M1 on COP would ever be updated. - I didn't (don't) have the patience to fiddle around with them myself.

An update to COP did address my problems and I was (am) very happy with the images coming out of my old E-M1.

I took delivery of my E-M1 Mk II early this year. Déjà vu I was now very disappointed, but trusted on Phase One to do something about it. The latest update to COP (10.1.1) does address this problem. I am happy again and am most impressed with the E-M1 Mk II.

Focusing is far quicker, especially on the older 4/3 lenses through the MMF-3 adaptor. Maybe not quite fast enough for birds in flight, but very definitely acceptable for air shows.

The camera is bigger and bulkier, but I like that. - It now fits better into my hand than the old E-M1.

The dynamic range is greatly improved, but still nowhere as good as that in my Canon EOS 6D. It is, however, good enough for me to not carry my 6D around, except for when I know the lighting conditions are going to be challenging.

All in all, I am very happy with the purchase, even though it was a bit pricey.

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