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Re: Generating new interest in photo challenges

Of course, it could be that there is just not enough appetite on the forum for competitions and some members have said that they regard photography as a relaxing, rather than competitive, hobby. There are ways in which we can encourage the posting of more pictures (particularly without the constraint of using the gallery) in a non-competitive format; here are a few ideas:-

We start a thread each month with a theme and members are invited to post their pictures that match the theme, but in a non-competitive format with no judging and no winners - just fellow enthusiasts sharing their work.

Another idea, just for fun, is that somebody starts a thread with, say, a picture of a windmill. It is then up to someone to post a picture of a subject, the first letter of which matches the last letter of the previous subject. In this example "windmill" ends with the letter 'L' so someone may choose to post a picture of a lion. The next person may post a nude (tastefully photographed, of course) followed by someone posting a picture of a jogger, with the caption "exercise," requiring the next subject to also start with 'E.' And so on.

My other thought was a Picture Snap thread, where somebody starts off with, say, a picture of a horse. The first person to also post a picture of a horse gets to chose the next subject, and posts a picture of daffodil, for instance. The first person to post another daffodil picture then gets to post another picture, of a different subject, and on it goes.

Any thoughts? Any other ideas?

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