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Re: Generating new interest in photo challenges

Okay, I've been following this thread, reading the opinions and suggestion put forward and it's time I commented. It is true that responses have been limited to a handful of members but I feel it is inappropriate to castigate the majority of our 350 active members who clearly have no wish to enter the monthly competition or involve themselves in its reform. Using phrases such as "bloody ashamed," "pitiful response" and likening such members to "peacocks" (I'm not entirely sure what is meant by this in the context of the discussion) is not helpful.

However, I can appreciate the frustration of those who would like to participate in well supported competitions or challenges and the question is where do we go from here. Clearly the present format, just like the previous incarnation, is no longer inspiring members to enter despite initially being reasonably popular.

The relaxation of the rule requiring entries to be posted from the forum gallery should hopefully remove one barrier that has previously discouraged some members. However, this alone is unlikely to produce a dramatic upturn in participation. I accept that having a separate thread for comments and discussions is clumsy; the intention was to prevent the pictures entered from becoming lost amongst a deluge of comments, but this is clearly a most unlikely scenario and I propose we just have one thread covering all in future.

It hadn't occurred to me that some people are deterred from entering by the responsibility of setting and judging the next competition if they win. This could be overcome by the proposal that the themes for the year are published in advance. The question is, who would set these? The administrators, or do we invite suggestions and pick the twelve most popular? This could be combined with voting for the monthly winner by using the Like button, therefore avoiding the responsibility of judging being foisted upon somebody who is uncomfortable with it and it may be a way of including members who don't wish to enter one of their own pictures.

Ian, Graham and me will now have to take these suggestions into account when making a decision on how to proceed. Keep the comments coming, but please respect members who do not wish to participate in this debate.

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