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Re: Kodak Ektachrome 100 Revival

Originally Posted by Otto View Post
The only benefit I can think of in using film is that it makes you stop and think before pressing the button - simply because of the cost! I don't think there's any other reason to use 35mm colour film at least as modern digital cameras are better in almost every respect.

Black and white is a different matter though, in my opinion no inkjet print can match a fine silver print made in the darkroom. It's getting better but it's not there yet I don't think.
I only use 35 mm film for the pleasure of it, (and then only B&W), as digital is superior to colour film in almost every way, is cheaper and more convenient.

However film is still superior to digital in medium and large formats, (I am thinking 6 x 7 upwards), and is still used by professionals for demanding clients. Only this week I was talking to a pro (via FB) about a commission he has from one of the big cosmetics companies, who expect 6 x 7 transparencies.

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