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Re: Street Photography

Originally Posted by theMusicMan View Post
Hi Shirley

I don't have any real experience of street photography, though this is an area where I would dearly love to experiment and learn more in. I can say however that there are no issues in taking shots in London... just a perceived issue that's all. There are hundreds of thousands of tourists and visitors to London who are there every day taking photos, and none of these people are accosted by heavy handed security guards et al. You are quite within your rights to be taking photographs in London in public, and you need no permission to be so doing. Of course, if you're in a BR station, or other non-public area then you may need permission, but to take shots where you did, no permission is needed and you are fine.

As you have posted in the Looking for Perfection category, can I ask... what was it you were attempting to accomplish here...? Was it just some candid shots of random people, or was it a mood/atmosphere...?

I think these few shots are more 'candid' than 'atmospheric', maybe an objective of what you want to accomplish with this sort of shoot might help. Please don't take my comments the wrong way... I am simply wondering what it is you were trying to achieve here that's all.
Hi John,
I realise that there is no problem in law, however because of the perception people can get very 'twitchy' and when on a day out I dont want to get into a position where I end up having to justify/argue my point. Anecdotal evidence suggests that there are enough 'jobs worths' out there to justify my caution. Only yesterday a friend told me how he was taking phots in London and was stopped by two policemen who had followed him and then said they were stopping him on the grounds of being a 'suspected terrorist'. Apparently the encounter was amicable, they checked him out with their Head Office, checked his pictures and agreed that he was doing nothing wrong. However, as he said, he is now on record somewhere as being stopped under the prevention of terrorism act! They also mentioned a concern that he might have been taking pictures of children, again not against the law, he wasnt and as he said what has that to do with terrorism?
Anyway I suppose what I am saying is that if I can avoid such confrontation then I will, if I do get into that position then I have no problem with standing up for myself and standing my ground.

With regards my photographs, I have to be honest and say that I simply wanted to have a go and see what could be achieved. I did not plan what I wanted to do, however next time I probably would.
I posted in this section because I wanted some honest feedback from those who do know about this type of photography and can point me in the right direction as to what I should be looking for in street photography. I definitely agree that they are more candid, however Graham's suggestions make me wonder if t would be possible to create a more atmospheric shot. I hope that makes sense, and no I didnt take it the wrong way it was in my view a valid question, which in itself has helped me to think more about how to improve next time.

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