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Re: Want to try Macro photography?

Originally Posted by Wally View Post
Have jus noticed this thread and thought to add what might prove to be an alternative look on how to achieve macro / extreme macro results.

Reverse lens - extreme macro - on the cheap.

I used this technique many years ago ( film ) and, prior to joining the forum 2009, Olympus 4/3 . Unfortunately, that forum is no longer in existence.

Although Reverse lens - extreme macro has some drawbacks, namely manual focus, aperture control etc., it does have one advantage should you decide to dive in, that costs can be minimal.

All that is needed is a reversing lens ring(s) to suit the already owned various camera systems / lens to be used. In many cases different makes can be interchanged via the rings.

If interested, here are a few links to show what can be achieved... on the cheap.

Micro 4/3

Hope it proves useful?
This is what I did a few years ago:

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