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Re: Nothing new from Olympus at Photokina, but...

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post
...In my view, the last image shows a wider range of tones and looks closer to how my eye/brain saw the scene.
One of the biggest discussions, debates, arguments and even "learned works/theses" are on the subjective view of a scene in art and photography.

As we look at the sky, our eyes adjust to its brightness and likewise for the darker areas on the ground, we are unable to see the whole landscape with a fixed iris size, so our brain builds the picture from constantly changing signals...

Going back to the early darkroom days, we adjusted exposure of land and sky to give us what we perceive to be that which we saw or want to represent, in the same way the artist paints.

With the introduction of digital cameras, I have played with light meters and cameras to both determine the range of exposures in a scene and demonstrate to people how the cameras limitations can be balanced to what they want the image to look like.

I have tried (and may well do it again) to get a group from a camera club to all take the same picture and look at the variation of the exposure values that they get.

I get to see a lot of pictures and I see a lot of trends in the way images are processed to the end result. Seldom do I see many landscapes that look as natural as the ones you have posted, as the "trend" seems to have gone to the more saturated "graphic" style of image.

Certainly interesting to see the differences (although I did have to fire up the desktop PC as the iPad just didn't display them that well)


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