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Re: Nothing new from Olympus at Photokina, but...

Originally Posted by Phill D View Post
Those are interesting comments Paul. I too take most of my shots at iso200 and mainly landscapes. Having started my DSLR life with an E510 I still can't get out of the habit of dialling in a tad of -ve exposure compensation so as not to blow out the highlights even when the new cameras don't need it, Anyway it seems to me the DR has improved significantly since the E510 so what makes you crave for still more. I've no experience of FF so don't know what I'm missing I guess. If you have an image/images to illustrate what you'd like to see it would be great to see.
I don't have an FF camera anymore to compare Phil. However, a friend has a Nikon D810 and it would be fun to do some back- to- back comparisons. I may suggest it to him.

My past experience though is that whilst neither FF not m43 are going to handle the full DR of a bright summer's day, FF allows much more pushing of the shadows in PP and generally delivers a smoother gradation of tones in the final image. M43 in comparison looks punchier, but it's less faithful to the original scene. If I take a 5 EV burst and stack later (so stacking using raw files) I can see this improved tonality using my Olympus gear. Here's a simple example:

Single image, no PP:

Same single image, with highlights -100 and shadows +50 in LR:

Stack of 5EV exposure bracket sequence:

In my view, the last image shows a wider range of tones and looks closer to how my eye/brain saw the scene. I think FF gets closer to the last image without the need to bracket and stack.
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