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Re: Hello from the Kent Coast


Yes, the menus are complicated, but that’s because they allow you to set up the ‘hard’ buttons and dials on the body how you like them. It means the learning curve is relatively steep from a DSLR where there may be more hard controls, but they are usually fixed in function.

Olympus produce the most configurable cameras and so their menus are the longest, but once you’ve configured them to suit you they fit you like a glove (well, that’s what I think, anyway!).

I’ve also owned Sony A7 series cameras, and I’d say while managing to be less configurable they also manage to have more complicated and less rational menus.

Yes, the super control panel is really useful: it might not always be the ultimately quickest way to change something, but it’s very useful when you can’t quite remember which submenu the item is buried in...

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