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Re: Frozen Stratford

I have never considered the idea of an IBIS artifact until I read Paul's post, but I wonder if it might explain some things I have noticed with my PL 8-18, which is normally sharp, but occasionally produces blurry edges. The first time this happened it worried me enough to lead me to check for decentring (using Roger Cicala's method) but that was not the cause. I wonder if this lens is in some way prone to this: it might explain some of the adverse comments and claims of decentring that were made in the early days after release. I remember a while back reading a reference to a German forum where there was a discussion about suspected focusing problems with the PL 8-18, but as my German is at the "holiday-ordering-beer-and-asking-directions" level I never followed the link and now cannot remember where it was. In any case it might have concerned field curvature, rather than the problem at issue here.

Six years ago I had a Pentax K-5 with a Tamron 17-50 f2.8 lens which generally produced excellent results, but which occasionally produced blurry patches at the edge of frames. As the K-5 had similar IBIS to the OM-D range I am now wondering if that may have been the cause.

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