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Re: Frozen Stratford

Originally Posted by Beagletorque View Post
ND sans tripod?
Yes, indeed - sans tri-pied! I find that with the E-M1ii and the 12-100 I can reliably get 4-8s exposures sharp. It's less easy with the 8-18 though - maybe only 2s or so. Still - it's pretty amazing really.

Interestingly though, I have found an odd effect with the 8-18 that doesn't seem to happen with the 12-100. If I hand-hold the 12-100 for a multi-second exposure then I find that either it's all sharp or there's some motion blur. On the 8-18 though I've noticed that I get quite a few shots where the centre is tack sharp but the edges get a little blurred. With shorter exposures, or with a tripod on long exposure, this doesn't happen so it's clearly an IBIS artefact. I'm guessing it's some skew caused by the IBIS moving at right angles to the sensor plane and so throwing off the focus at the edges.

Maybe the fact that the 12-100 has its own IBIS is what stopping it on that lens. I must try with some other non-IS equipped lenses. I didn't notice this with the 7-14 though, so maybe it's something specific to that lens.
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