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Re: 300 hire?? EOS converter

It's probably not that expensive to hire really, when you consider that they are well on the way to six grand to buy new in the UK

The 100-300mm does seem to work well enough, but isn't particularly bright at the long end. The 75-300mm even slightly smaller F stop as well.
The Panasonic one is sometimes claimed to be slightly better quality, at the expense of size and weight, but I don't have the other to compare it to. There are a few comparisons around on the net.

To be honest, if you are considering waiting for the 300mm F4 Oly, you could always pick up a used m4/3 Oly75/Panasonic100-300mm zoom and have a play. Provided you buy used, and pick the lens carefully, you should be able to sell on for more or less the same price; cheaper than hiring (sorry Ian).

It might be worth researching the 50-200mm 4/3s with converter and adaptor, as I understand some folks have had success with that combination. With this option, you would also retain the weather sealing, which may be important depending on your holiday destination.

I've used the 50-200mm with both 1.4 & 2x converters with reasonable success when we went to Sri Lanka, albeit on the E-3 not the E-M1, so I'd expect the IQ to be higher with the newer camera

Thse was taken from a rocking Landrover;
Green or Little Bee-Eater - Merops orientalis by peak4, on Flickr

Malabar Pied Hornbills - Anthracoceros coronatus by peak4, on Flickr

Both were pretty much bulk processed with little individual diddling around, so I'm sure the results could be improved with better processing.
They were taken @ 400mm; the 1.4 converter does give slightly better results.
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