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Re: 300 hire?? EOS converter

Originally Posted by peak4 View Post
Hello, the Oly 300mm F2.8 works just fine with both 1.4 & 2x converters, though hand holding can be a bit tricky with the latter.
Don't forget that compared to your Canon the Oly has a smaller sensor, which is actually quite helpful for wildlife at a distance. You would effectively be hiring a 600mm F2.8 in full frame equivalence.
Whilst I do have an E-M1, I've never really played about with that combination, normally using my E-5 with the big lens and the E-M1 with the 100-300mm Panasonic. I'm kind of waiting for the 300mm F4 m4/3s to be out for a year or two, in the hope of picking up a used one at some time in the future.
I understand that others have used your proposed combination with some success.
As far as I'm aware, due to the difference between both Data and Electrical protocols, there aren't any adaptors available for Canon to m4/3s.
The prices are available from the Olympus Hire link at the top of this very forum.
see HERE
I hope you have a generous hand luggage allowance if you're flying anywhere, as I certainly wouldn't want it in the hold.
hi bill, Thankyou for your reply, I have taken my kit on holiday before, the only bit of kit that goes in the hold in my suitcase is my tripod hand and all chargers etc. hand held luggage is usually my 7D and 650d and my 150-500 siggy and iPad. Smaller lenses can go into my coat. I don't know what planet I am on sometimes I have looked up the specifications of the oly 300 F2.8 and did not realise that it's that heavy, so as you suggested I will wait in anticipation of the 300f4 which I already have in EOS, which brings me nicely on to adaptors I would have thought that electrical protocols could be got around, but maybe there's not enough demand for these items. It seems rather expensive to hire this lens?
please could you tell me of your 100-300 lens are they any good?
Kind regards mike
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