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Re: OM-D guidebook

Originally Posted by ayewing View Post
I took delivery of my OM-D a week ago and have been struggling a bit in finding my way about the rather complex system of menus, sub-menus, modes etc. This is my first Olympus camera though I have had considerable experience with other brands mainly Pentax and Ricoh.

The lack of a printed manual is frustrating. I have printed out the manual on disk as well as installing it on my computer. I am sure that most of the essential information is there but it is not always easy to find. I have made a collection of the online guides and notes such as the DPreview user guide which was most helpful in getting started.

I am getting there and have set up most of the features I commonly use to my liking but the learning curve would be made easier with better printed documentation. I am thinking of something along the lines of the "Magic Lantern" series of camera guides though they do not seem to have issued one covering the OM-D as yet.

On a more cheerful note I am enjoying getting acquainted with this wonderful camera and have found a lot of information by browsing on this forum.
ayewing -

Welcome to e-group.

There is quite an amount of info on the site and I hope you find your way around to discover it.

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