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Re: Dragon Bones - Please do not Critique.

Originally Posted by mlinehan View Post
Err, its not now a reflection of what I saw.
You are implying that here we have telepathic access to your memories and should be critiquing it skewed by knowing what you saw at the time.
Wrong place, put it in foto fair, that's where my snaps go.

... I appreciate the effort you've gone to but please, please don't alter and re-post my image....
OK, definitely wrong place and wrong attitude.
You know (we all know) how much faff it is to download, reprocess and upload an image and then to get slapped in the face for genuinely helpful work is ridiculous ... in the "looking for perfection" forum.

(On-topic : Am I wrong or did there used to be a clear note shown on the user name bar about allowing/preventing edits of user's photos?)
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