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Question FS2 Focus Screen, is it any good?

Hi there folks,

Hope things are going well, I have been having a hectic time sorting out Bike lessons! Hopefully though it will all turn out OK and I'll have another mode of transport to get me to some great shots with my Oly kit!

I was hoping to get your opinion on the FS2 grid screen for the E1.

I have had my E1 for just over 2 years now and have enjoyed using it. I remember spotting the FS2 replacement grid screen soon after I bought my E1 but I didn’t really think any more on it.

Since then it has simmered somewhere in the back of my mind and has arrived fresh and baked to perfection this morning (strange thing to wake up thinking of camera equipment!) ready for further action to be taken to rectify it not being a part of my kit.

What I want to know is whether it actually improves the E1 experience... I upgraded my eyecup to the larger size (EP2 I believe it's called) and have a great time with it (when it doesn’t go walkabout!), I consider this to be a great investment as it really helps me to focus on the image through the VF rather than “outside information” and has improved my "E1 Experience". Does this happen with the FS2? Has it become an invaluable piece of kit on your E1 setup?

How difficult is it to install? Should I send it to Oly and ask them to put it in for me or is it something I can do at home?

Finally, have you noticed a difference in images taken with the FS2? Are you able to accurately line up shots with the grid lines or are the faint / mainly for the "rule of 3rds"?

I hope you can help me with this as I can imagine it selling out at some point and all that “baking” will have been for nothing!


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