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Re: Astro photo Lens decision.

Originally Posted by throt View Post
About the weight limit, there is actually a way to bend it. They only weight the bags but not the things you carry. So you just need a coat with huge pockets while boarding. Something like this (just a random google page) :

Just back from a short trip. I was whacked S$60 for over weight baggage. 3 of us and was over that by just 5kgs. The security insist on weighing every single bag. I had my camera EM1.2 and a GX8, 12-40-12, 35-35-100, Laowa7.5, Samyang 8 FE, and my Laptop. The other bag was some chocolates, and the 3rd, an ipad, a Kindle and a PSP. a drag on with some books. all totaled to 26kgs. They insist we check in that drag-on and charge us

These budget airlines just wants to make money. Later we saw another lady boarding with 2 drag-ons.
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