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Re: Will Brits Take Action To Fight Climate Change

Originally Posted by TimP View Post
Mine’s fine, I do love a good moan though. Seems there’s more to moan about nowadays as we’re constantly being told how good stuff is and how much better off we all are. I’m not convinced. Saying that, not having ice on the insides of windows is certainly better than when I was a kid.
Depends how old you are.
Remember polio ? Friends with withered legs and in iron lungs ?
Remember smog so thick that we were breathing muck ?
Remember one coal fire to heat a house ?
Remember talking about whether to whitewash house windows for when hydrogen bombs landed ?
Remember talking about how far you had to be from a hydrogen bomb explosion to live.?
Remember being beaten at school for not being able to recite a poem ?
Remember all those men ( mostly) worn out by manual labour who died in their 60s ?
I could go on and on.
Life in the Uk has never been better by any objective measure.
My grandparents thought being tenant farmers milking cows twice a day for 365 days a year and not having mains water, sewers, electricity or gas was just how it was. Maybe if the sun was shining when they had their two hours rest on Sunday afternoon life seemed OK The rest of the time it was just continuous hard work providing just enough money to survive. And that was typical of life for most people before WW1.
Think yourself lucky to be living here now.
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