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Re: Ruminating on raw vs JPEG...

Originally Posted by Graham_of_Rainham View Post
Considering that jpg is an agreed system for compression of data, what that data is and represents can be anything, but for us is invariably an image. How the camera manipulated the sensor data, is highly variable by the user, and always down to individual requirements.

Personally I shoot RAW + JPG with the jpg file containing the data of a 1024 x 768 image with all the camera controls set to factory default. That way I can view these “thumbnails” purely for selection of images that are then processed from the ORFs. Much like a contact sheet was made back in the day...

If I ever need a large jpg file, that gets produced by DXO Optics Pro from the RAW file.
Do something very similar myself, use the jpegs to whittle down numbers.
Keeper raw files then get processed in Lightroom ready for printing, I do use some tweaked jpegs for displaying on the web.
Storage and ram is so cheap no reason in my opinion not to use both.
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