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Re: Salt & Vinegar?

Originally Posted by TimP View Post
Iíve been reading about this elsewhere and am not at all surprised. I donít know how anyone would be supposed to know what each and every chip on even a small motherboard does, let alone something not much bigger than a pin head on a huge rack mount motherboard. The only way youíd know anything was up would probably be if you had a network packet sniffer monitoring all network traffic to/from the device.
So, not surprised and would expect more revelations to come.
The US government has already banned the use of Huawei 4G dongles by government employees because they have reason to believe there is a risk of interception.

We are now reaping what we have collectively sown by putting all our eggs in one cheap supply chain, by putting shot term profit above national security and the welfare of our own people who could be making these components.

The irony is that if China disrupts Amazon's or Apple's supply chain they will be shooting themselves in both feet. There isn't much that either of these organisations sell that doesn't originate from China!

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