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Re: Good lightweight, smallish theft-proof camera bag?

Having seen pro pickpockets at work on the metros in Madrid, Barcelona and Stockholm I recommend Pacsafe products.

These people will open zips and flaps in a moment without you noticing, pinch anything they can reach, and close things back up again. I have never lost anything, but I have had a zip on a Lowepro sling bag opened, and have been in parties in all 3 cities where friends have lost wallets, lenses, phones, keys and cash. In fact I'd say you were much more at risk in wealthy northern European cities than in most of the developing world because those cities are targeted by the pros. Any bag gets targeted, so frankly I don't think it's of any use getting something that's said to be 'stealth' or 'doesn't look like a camera bag'.

I haven't examined a Camslinger, but I suggest comparing its features against Pacsafe.

If I'm doing street photography in pretty much any city world-wide I take one of these below (usually the first one, worn across my body over a shoulder), depending on how much stuff I have to carry:

They have built-in clips on the zips (as long as you bother to fasten them), they're slash-proof, and the straps contain steel wires. The latter feature has the disadvantage of not breaking if it gets snatched by a speeding moped passenger, but take your choice!

The straps separate easily so you can immediately fasten the bag to table/chair/railings while you're sitting in a restaurant.

Also recommended are trousers with zipped hip pockets by Craghoppers and Rohan, or a waist belt/wallet (although these are a hassle to get things out and get sweaty in hot climates).

Get good insurance, or make sure your home policy covers it.

Finally, I'd say all this was a powerful argument for doing urban photography in such places with a single camera body and one small lens that you can carry in your hand with a wrist strap at all times. That lets you enjoy yourself and get the most out of the trip.

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