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Re: Monthly Photo Challenge - Forthcoming Themes

Originally Posted by chris View Post
I've only ever entered one of these so far, so my opinion may not stand for much..

I like the idea of time limited, as in one way it puts everyone on an even footing, someone new to the hobby won't be at a disadvantage to an old hand with a huge catalogue of work to pick from. On the other hand, like Paul, I work full time and cant always get out. Perhaps a compromise of taken within 3 or 6 months might work?

and as an aside, how do you go about making the exif available?
Thanks for the reply Chris, your opinion is valued as any others are.

I go along with your views, and maybe a wider time limit is the answer. Thus we publish themes for several months ahead, and that maybe the time limit. ie you might see that September is a landscape, and you have between now and then to go get it.

Those amongst us who travel a lot might have a slight advantage in that they can photo scenes we would not normally see. But heck, a good photo is a good photo, and in the end WE vote on it with our fingers/keyboard()

Do want to keep it simple, as I do some checks on photos for camera and times, I DO NOT want a full time job here, so there is some trust taken.

My point here is a wider time limit wanted/needed, or do we just get rid of of it...................:confused :

Views please
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