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Oly E-3, E-30, Lenses, etc

I was diagnosed with a pretty serious illness some 2 years ago which put a swift end to my fledgling photography business. After much internal debate, I have decided to sell all my Olympus equipment since Iím not using it as much as I would like to.

At this stage Iím just looking for expressions of interest and advice on the best way to sell it. I would prefer that the kit goes to a good home, so thatís why Iím here first. I would also prefer to sell the whole lot in one go although I recognise that that may prove difficult.

Everything listed below is in pristine condition (as new), complete with all caps, leads, hoods etc. I have all the original boxes. The only thing missing is one of the hotshoe covers (and that may turn up yet!).

Olympus E-3 (8067 clicks)
Olympus E-30 (9652 clicks)
HLD-4 Grip (fits both of the above)
6 x BLM-1 Battery (3 x Olympus, 2 x Uniross, 1 x 7 Day Shop) Ė all working properly
2 x Battery Chargers
35-100mm f2 (hardly used)
12-60mm (my most used lens but still as good as new)
50mm f2 Macro (never used)
35mm Macro (hardly used)
Sigma 30mm f1.4 (a good copy and never used apart from testing)
9-18mm (excellent condition)
14-42mm Kit Lens (excellent walk about lens)
40-150mm Kit Lens (as above)
Hoya Pro Circular Polariser (to fit above 2 lenses)
Hoya Pro UVA Filter (to fit above 2 lenses)
FL50R Flash
FL36 Flash
Olympus Remote Cable Release (E-30 fit)
Hahnal Wireless Remote Release (E-3 fit)
Olympus E-System Backpack (never used)

Iím looking for £5200 for the lot.

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