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Exclamation Clarification of E-3 purchase promotional goodies claims

Here is a FAQ that Olympus and I have come up with to clarify issues regarding the claiming of a free rucksack and, for existing E-System camera owners, a free HLD-4 power grip, if you buy an E-3 by the end of the year.

Q. I havenít Ďregisteredí my old E-System camera (or does it count if itís second hand?)
A. No need to have registered it, all that's needed is the serial number and second hand cameras are OK. BUT YOU MUST DO THIS BY THE END OF FRIDAY!

Q. Do I need to provide the E-3 warranty card details as well as the dealer invoice?
A. Yes, this will avoid complications and delays. If for some reason you didn't have a warranty card in the box (extremely unlikely) the serial number will suffice. The warranty card identifies the camera as European stock. Non European cameras are NOT eligible for the promotional goodies. I'm pretty sure that even serial numbers alone will reveal if the stock is European or not.

Q. I have chased up my registration but nobody has got back to me.
A. No need to panic, Olympus is committed to sorting any issues out.

Q. When will the free rucksacks and HLD-4s be shipped?
A. The aim is to fulfil orders during December - sorry, can't be more specific than that.

If you have any more questions, please post them here.

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