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Re: Captain goes 7-14mm crazy at IWM Duxford

Thanks to you all for your helpful feedback which is much appreciated. I am pleased that it seems that the rather extreme B&W conversion has proved to be popular . It was fun to do and something a little different for me,giving me a way of using a shot that suffered from a rather bright background.

Cathrine, as mentioned, the Sea Vixen does have a rather large nose that made it perfect to be exaggerated by the 7-14mm.

Ray, how wonderful to hear than you too had the pleasure of flying the VC-10. I like yourself remember it as such a comfortable plane to fly in. What push in the back it gave you on takeoff when those 4 Conways were throttled up.

Garrie, there is nothing wrong with your eyes, the Comet has been very nicely restored and looks superb.

Paul, I have never been to Cosford, it was very much on my list so I must go thanks for reminding me. They are in my bad books though after they cut up the BA VC-10 they had! I hope they will be kinder to the RAF VC-10 they are due to receive when the RAF retire the fleet.

Hec, it really was a challenge for me to make myself walk round with a body and a lens. I quite missed the pain in my back of carrying around too much kit!

Falk, I can understand how 2 days could be swallowed up, a day never seems long enough.

Jim, how interesting to read your story about the Blackbird. It confirms what I had heard about them leaking fuel until the airframe expanded in flight.

Ian don't get me started on the state of the VC-10! I need to win the lottery and then I could pay for a repaint!

Pete, really interesting to read of your memories of the Dove such a good looking aeroplane. I must admit that I did not realise that the civil aircraft were looked after by the DAS. I do hope there is a plan because the BAC1-11 looks to be in a dreadful state. It makes the VC-10 look pristine.

Thanks again for all your comments and aviation memories, apologies from me for taking a while to get back to you all.


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