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Captain goes 7-14mm crazy at IWM Duxford

This week I spent a very enjoyable day visiting the IWM Duxford for the first time in a while. I am normally a bit of a "kitchen sink" photographer taking all manner of kit with me. However, I challenged myself to only use my E-3 with the Zuiko 7-14mm lens. I thought aircraft would provide lots of ways of having fun with the lens.

Here is how I got on, the first series of pictures

The next series of images were taken in the new air space building. The aircraft are really crammed in and even with the wide angle 7-14mm isolating individual aircraft was virtually impossible.Also, the lighting is very dim which resulted me increasing the ISO a tad.

The following images were taken in the American hangar. All of the posted images from this hangar I shot using a series of bracketed exposures and then processed them using exposure fusion rather than HDR.

Now I got ambitious with this one, converting it to a rather extreme B&W image. It will be interesting to see if you all approve

I found the shapes and texture on the rear of this jet fighter interesting, just screamed at me for a B&W conversion

Finally, despite it looking very sad now after having been left to the elements for so long. I just had to post a picture of my beloved VC-10 which started my love affair with aviation.

It would be really interesting for me to get your comments and views which is why I placed the pics in this section. The 7-14mm is such a fun lens to play around with and your comments would help me in my quest to get the best out of it.


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