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Re: Cable release - buyer beware!

Two things can fail with the JJC remotes. The cable isn't very 'rubbery', so the outer sheath usually snaps where it goes into the plug. This causes intermitent failure before it finally gives up the ghost. The second problem is potentially more serious, in that some of the JJC RM-CB1 remotes come with the barrel connectors inside the plug out of alignment, and this is difficult to spot. What then happens is that the plug is screwed onto the socket and the inside of the socket (the part with the pins) can be pushed into the body of the camera (it seems to be only mounted via a rubber gasket in the E3). If it goes to far it is a job for Olympus, but sometimes it can be saved by carefully pulling it back out and into position with needle nosed pliers by grabbing one of the pins.

I think you did the right thing getting the Olympus remote, it is pricey, but it is reliable and well made.

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