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Re: Cable release - buyer beware!

I bought a cheap one off ebay and once I'd cut the plastic body of the plug down a bit it fit fine and worked fine, until I snapped the plug (camera on a tripod, over my shoulder while I walked to a new position on the hillside, must have bashed the plug on my shoulder in the move).

I bought a replacement on ebay from another seller (just happened to be the cheapest one) and the plug fit fine straight away, but the control itself feels like a cheaper plastic than the last one, never mind, it works fine.

As for the little plastic cap, I was going to hot-glue some black cord to it and tether it to the grip, but I doubt I'll get around to it.
This is on my E-300, I'm disappointed to hear they've not added some kind of attachment on the E-3, thats just sloppy.
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