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Re: EC-20 2.0x teleconvertor

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Thanks for that Derek. I have used the EC-14 on an E-510 with the newer 40-150 kit lens and it seemed to work reliably even at the long end, which is roughly f/8.

I'm pleased I have found this thread.

I was hopeful Santa and the Elves would choose either the EC-14 or EC-20 to wrap up and leave under the tree on the 25th or money to buy one in the January sales.

Ian, have you or has anyone else used both on the E-510 with the lens kit including the 70-300 (still coming)? I find it difficult to make a choice being so new to dslr photography. Still reading and learning but there is so much information to assimilate. Tempus fugit.

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